Terry Johnson of the Swamp Drivers has started production on a new type of guitar that will make the young and old sound like they've been playing for years! 

Terry has started an online business after his new invention. It's a guitar that absolutely anyone can play and sound like a pro called MoJo Johnson Guitars. Terry claims you just can't make a mistake on this guitar. 

Even professional guitar players will get a kick out of this

He was tinkering around trying to come up with something that was easy enough for his granddaughter to play and realized this is something everyone on can play including the disabled. He says "Even professional guitar players will get a kick out of this."

Cindy McMullen/TSM
Cindy McMullen/TSM

It's a cigar box guitar that's customizable. A new fret design makes it impossible for anyone to sound bad playing this guitar. The new setup has 9 frets and 3 strings. Watch the video for a fantastic demonstration.

Terry was recently featured on a national TV show, but you know how that goes right? Can't leak any info until it's ready to air. We'll have some more news on that for you early next year so stay tuned!

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