What a beautiful visit to Trenton Falls. The weather was perfect. Admission was free, and no charge for parking. Delicious hot dogs were only $1.50. It was a fun and cheap day. 

Trenton Falls features some beautiful waterfalls that drop 300 feet. It’s only open to the public a few weekends out of the year and was discovered in 1805 by John Sherman. His vision was a resort for the country's elite which it was for some time, but then failed and his hotel was destroyed. Wikipedia says:

"The falls were all but closed to the public for 100 years by various power companies that used the waterway to generate electricity. Utica Electric Light & Power Company received the Hotel and surrounding land in 1897. Because of the creation of hydroelectric powerhouse and the dam in 1899, the City of Utica, New York was able to receive electricity from Trenton Falls in 1901."

While enjoying the wood mulch trails, you'll notice the new interpretive signs. There are also volunteers along the way to answer any questions about years gone by or how Brookfield Power runs the hydropower plant. Trenton Falls will be open to the public again Sept. 6-7 and Oct. 4-5.

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