Gun control is the biggest topic in America today. We hear stories of adults going crazy with guns, but this one will make you say "Oh my God" out loud at your desk. A 10 year old boy out of Washington State has plead guilty in a murder plot of a young girl and several others. What was his weapons of choice? A gun and a knife.

According to 13WHAM, School authorities out of Washington found a gun and a knife in the boy's backpack.

Authorities say he planned to kill a female classmate by luring her outside to the playground. Police believe the boy was also targeting six other students. The boy had stolen a gun from his brother's room after his brother had stolen the gun from their grandfather."

Wow, just wow. School authorities found a gun and a knife in the boy's backpack just in time before any harm was caused.

Prosecutors are asking for a sentence that will punish him for the crime, but will also help him grow up living a normal life."

How do you live a normal life when at age ten you want to kill someone with a gun and knife? Hopefully this boy, and his family, gets the help they need.

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