Have you ever wanted to spend way to much money at a BJ's or Costco? Buy this bottle of Macallan Whiskey for over $17,000. You can find this gem for sale at the Costco at Hayden and Raintree. 

So why spend so much for booze? The bottle is one of only 400 bottles ever made, and is made of Lalique crystal. According to Coed, even at $17,000, that's marked down.

Even at $17,000 Costco has marked down the cost from the suggested retail price. Currently there’s a bottle available on Uncrated for $20,000 so there’s no telling what an actual retailer would sell it for. A bar would sell you a glass for $1000."

I wouldn't even want to hold a glass, I don't think I'm man enough to drink it.

Buy A Handmade Dual Beer Glass

Ever have a half and half drink and think to yourself "I wish I could enjoy two craft beers at once without them mixing". Well if you see the glass half empty, get ready to see it half full with this new hand blown dual beer glass.

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