Making Irish Coffee [VIDEO]
Yes I'm a Irish girl. I think McMullen is a Irish name (lol). I make the corned beef and cabbage 3 or 4 times a year. I love it. However, I have never tried Irish coffee let alone make it. I'm going to this weekend. It will be rainy and snowy so I think it's the perfect time.
Lalique Crystal Whiskey
Have you ever wanted to spend way to much money at a BJ's or Costco? Buy this bottle of Macallan Whiskey for over $17,000. You can find this gem for sale at the Costco at Hayden and Raintree.
Man Swallows Toe
Looking to try a drink that smells like a toe? How about adding a mummified toe to your drink? You can if you plan on heading to Dawson City in Yukon. The Downtown Hotel serves a drink called the "Sourtoe Cocktail" which has a real toe in it.... just don't eat/drink the toe.
How Do You Get Drunk Faster?
Ever wonder how to get drunk faster at a party? Well chances are most people will tell you to just drink faster, and drink more. However, our booze scientists have a different solution. They suggest mixing whiskey or rum with Diet Coke over regular Coke. Not only can you watch your calories, you can…
Throw A Drink On Your Face With Whiskey Barrel Sunglasses
True whiskey lovers know it’s a cardinal sin to waste a single drop from their glasses. The gents over at Bushmills Irish Whiskey are firm believers in this, but they want you to appreciate every part of their 100-year-old product, including the whiskey barrel it comes in.
Cool Down With a Whiskey Slush
Have you ever watched an episode of ‘Mad Men’ and admired Don Draper looking ultra cool sipping a whiskey on the rocks?  Don’t try it. You’re not Don Draper. You’re more the ‘whiskey in a sip cup’ kind o…

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