Making Irish Coffee [VIDEO]
Yes I'm a Irish girl. I think McMullen is a Irish name (lol). I make the corned beef and cabbage 3 or 4 times a year. I love it. However, I have never tried Irish coffee let alone make it. I'm going to this weekend. It will be rainy and snowy so I think it's the perfect time.
Lalique Crystal Whiskey
Have you ever wanted to spend way to much money at a BJ's or Costco? Buy this bottle of Macallan Whiskey for over $17,000. You can find this gem for sale at the Costco at Hayden and Raintree.
Man Swallows Toe
Looking to try a drink that smells like a toe? How about adding a mummified toe to your drink? You can if you plan on heading to Dawson City in Yukon. The Downtown Hotel serves a drink called the "Sourtoe Cocktail" which has a real toe in it.... just don't eat/drink the toe.
How Do You Get Drunk Faster?
Ever wonder how to get drunk faster at a party? Well chances are most people will tell you to just drink faster, and drink more. However, our booze scientists have a different solution. They suggest mixing whiskey or rum with Diet Coke over regular Coke. Not only can you watch your calories, you can get drunk faster according to these new findings.
Throw A Drink On Your Face With Whiskey Barrel Sunglasses
True whiskey lovers know it’s a cardinal sin to waste a single drop from their glasses. The gents over at Bushmills Irish Whiskey are firm believers in this, but they want you to appreciate every part of their 100-year-old product, including the whiskey barrel it comes in.
Cool Down With a Whiskey Slush
Have you ever watched an episode of ‘Mad Men’ and admired Don Draper looking ultra cool sipping a whiskey on the rocks?  Don’t try it. You’re not Don Draper. You’re more the ‘whiskey in a sip cup’ kind of fella. Don’t get offended, we recognize our own kind. Maybe you should try a Whiskey Slush first.

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