We've been seeing "Shiner" brand beers from the Spoetzl Brewery in Shiner, Texas here in the Mohawk Valley for a couple of years now. And, they've got a winter seasonal brew called "Holiday Cheer". Here's more.

According to shiner.com:

"Shiner Holiday Cheer - First brewed in 2010.

This holiday dunkelweizen has hints of Texas peaches and pecans. Caramelized malts give it a unique rich malt body that's perfect for the holidays.

Alcohol by volume: 5.4%

Available in winter in bottes, cans and draft"

I can't say anything about my personal experience with Shiner Holiday Cheer, as I haven't had it...yet. Maybe, I'll have to do some taste-testing research!

Watch this funny TV commercial that tells you who makes Shiner beer:

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