From time to time, you hear me talking about various beer gadgets on your "Beer Break At Work", weekdays at 3:20 p.m. (where you can win great prizes)! And now, you can shop for the hop head on your Christmas list with these must-have beer items.

According to, here are some must-have beer gadgets for the brew aficionado on your list:

Classic Car Beer Bottle Openers

So what do you get a car guy that also loves beer? How about a bottle opener? One that looks just like the source of their pride. The Racetrack Style beer bottle opener is just the ticket. A bottle opener that looks just like your classic ride? That’s right. Racetrack Style makes beer bottle openers that look like many of the classic (and some modern) vehicles we’ve all fallen in love with.

Bar Game Drink Mats

Beer coasters. That little piece of cardboard found at bars everywhere. They help to protect the surface of the bar/table, absorb some of the condensation and overflow from your beer, and act as another spot for brewers to get advertising in front of you. What if they kept your attention by offering all kinds of games? Bar Game Drink Mats from SUCKS UK offers just that with plenty beer coaster fun.

The Bar Game Drink Mats is a box of 30 beer coasters, each with it’s own game or purpose. Darts, spin the bottle, sudoku, and more, they’re all here. There are enough bar games here to keep you busy for a long time. They’re also great for putting under a glass of your favorite craft beer.

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