Maybe you're holed up inside because of the cold and snow and you can't make it out to Roma's or Rosa's so you wonder, could *I* make Utica's famous tomato pie?
Sure can!

The city of Utica may be the Rodney Dangerfield of New York State, but make no mistake…its regional, Italian-American cuisine gets *plenty* of respect... But amongst all of Utica’s culinary jewels, my favorite—by far—is Tomato Pie.

Ex-Utican-turned-Utica-food-ambassador-to-the-world, Sal Detraglia constantly gives Utica food plenty of love on his website and even threw up (bad choice of words) his recipe on Utica Pusties, but below is the coveted Utica Tomato Pie recipe and cooking instructions served up with a side of Sal's own unique brand of humor:


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