tomato pie

How To Make Utica Tomato Pie At Home
If you've grown up in Utica, Rome, or Central New York chances are you have had Tomato Pie at a family party or gathering. Have you ever looked up the recipe for Utica Tomato Pie to make it yourself at home?
Dash of Amy, a online video blogger and writer shared an amazing recipe for you to follo…
'Tomato Pie Day' In Utica
The Utica area and Central New York is known for having amazing and unique food options, with Tomato Pie being one of them. Celebrate this delicious treat during "Tomato Pie Day."
Food People Miss When They Leave Utica
Every city or town has food their area is known for.  In Buffalo, New York it's the wings.  If you head north of the border, it's poutine. In Utica, there are several dishes that you won't find most places. Here's the top foods people miss when they leave Utica...

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