It's no secret that the Utica area is pretty well known for their food options. We have tomato pie, chicken riggies, greens, halfmoon cookes - and if you haven't tried any of these, it's your own fault. What would you do if there was a sandwich created that incorporated the majority of these all together? Would you eat it?

It's a Utica Thing! is a Utica style Italian restaurant on wheels, typically seen at events across central New York. They recently posted a new creation on their Facebook page that has mouths watering the the Mohawk Valley.

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What exactly is it? It's A Utica Thing! has a creation with tomato pie as the sandwich bread, filled with their chicken riggies and greens smothered in mozzarella cheese. It's not something listed on their food truck menu, but the post does say "coming to a neighborhood near you" meaning it may be added.

What do you think? Is this something you would love to eat?

We think the next thing that It's A Utica Thing! should create is a half-moon cookie milkshake, and hear us out for our pitch.

It'll be a half vanilla half chocolate milkshake with crumbled half moon pieces inside. The chocolate half will, obviously, have chocolate half moon pieces, and the vanilla side, vanilla half moon pieces. Doesn't this sound amazing?

Recently a list has made it's rounds on the internet titled "12 best food cities in Upstate New York, ranked." On this list, some how Utica and Rome didn't rank higher.

Rome ranked number 9, while Utica ranked number 4. We don't understand this - but okay, it was an opinion piece.

Should Utica have been #1? You can see who claimed the top spot here.

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