The Utica area and Central New York are well known for having amazing and unique food options, with Tomato Pie being one of them. Did you know there's a way for us to celebrate this delicious local treat?

We're sure you have your favorite place for tomato pie, but how many places have you actually tried? Do you go to the same place because it's where your family has always gone? Or did you try a few and find one that you like the best? On Tomato Pie Day, you'll get the chance to try tomato pie from places all over Central New York. Who knows? You may find a new favorite place for this Utica favorite.

It was really disappointing when the annual event was canceled in 2020 for the pandemic. Rescheduling for 2021 wasn't possible - but there's some good news: Tomato Pie Day will be held in 2022 on April 9.

You won't only get to sample a variety of tomato pie at this event, but according to I Love Utica, you can learn how its made, meet the bakers who have carried their recipes for decades and participate in voting for the Best in Utica Users Choice Award.

In the past, we've seen the following businesses take part in the event:

• Roma’s Sausage & Deli
• Napoli’s Italian Bakery
• Sakvatore’s Bakery
• Tony’s of Washington Mills
• Utica Bread
• Charlie’s Pizza / It’s a Utica Thing
• Oliveri’s Pizza
• Guiseppe’s Bakery
• Ramon’s Bakery
• Grande’s Pizza
• The Pizza Box

Will the same be there this year? Will there be any new additions? We'll have to wait and see.

You can keep up with all of the details regarding Tomato Pie Day by following the event page on Facebook. We'll also be sure to update you as we learn more.

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Is it April yet? Who do you think has the best Tomato Pie? Let us know in our station app.

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