Who remembers the Baby Face cream top milk bottle from the 1900's when milk was delivered to your house?

This week in Relics of CNY, Don and Nancy Hartman owners of The Potting Shed Antiques in Whitesboro tell us about the Baby Face milk cream top milk bottles. This was the type of bottle that would have been delivered to your home in the early 1900's before homogenization. The cream would float to the top of the bottle and was considered a delicacy. They would take the cream turn into something sweet like whipped cream.

The Baby Face milk bottle is from Beech Grove Dairy in Utica, NY. It's filled with styrofoam chips so you can see the dairy's name and advertising. Nancy thinks this particular bottle is from the 1930's and valued at about $100.00.

These bottles are not very common or easy to find. Nancy say's you must be careful when looking to purchase bottles like this because some have been reproduced.

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