This week in Relics of CNY, Don Hartman owner of The Potting Shed Antiques in Whitesboro tells us a little history and how they acquired their valuable Mohawk Airline desktop model airplane. 

Mohawk Airlines was the first commuter airline based out of Ithaca and was also at Oneida County Airport. It was started by Cecil Robinson the company was originally named Robinson Air. Robert Peach, who was on the board of directors, convinced him to change the name of the company to Mohawk Airlines. The firm was a major short hub airline flying to the Mid-Atlantic like small airports in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Washington D.C. They eventually were sold to Allegany Air in about 1972.

they're very elusive, they've become quite rare and expensive.

Don waited more than 40 years for this antique as Don says "they're very elusive, they've become quite rare and expensive." While the Hartman's were at a sale in Westmorland, they discovered the collectible, but the owner said she was sending it all to auction. Don's heart sunk but told her he would love to make an offer. 2 or 3 months go by, and Don says "I thought I lost it, but all of a sudden she walks into the shop and says are you still interested in the airplane? I held it back for you, I've got it."

This desktop Mohawk Airline model is on display at The Potting Shed Antiques on Oriskany Boulevard in Whitesboro.

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