The Potting Shed Antiques in Whitesboro shows us the type of pottery that started their business.

Ever wonder how some of our successful local businesses got their start? The Potting Shed Antiques in Whitesboro credits their beginning to a piece of Roseville Pottery found in the basement of their florist shop.

Don Hartman says he's been searching for antiques since he was 15 or 16. His parents ran a flower shop, and one day when he was in the basement, he found an old piece of floral pottery that made him curious. Don purchased Warman's first price guide for antiques and discovered the pottery vase was worth $ 45.00. He knew he was on to something and started looking for more. Don soon understood that garden club members had lots of the pottery, but the only way to get his hands on it was to take everything they didn't want anymore. He basically turned into a clean out service.

With Warman's price guide in hand, he started researching all the 'junk' he had to take to get the pottery he wanted. He would get bushel baskets of depression glass and stoneware crocks, Turns out it was worth some money, and he was accumulating way too much to keep.

In 1972 Hartman's Timeless Treasures opened their doors, and about 24 years ago Don and Nancy closed the flower shop and converted flowers, plants and antiques and changed the name to The Potting Shed Antiques.

Starting next week on 96.1 The Eagle we'll have a new feature called Relics in CNY. Don and Nancy will bring valuable pieces of Utica history into the studio for us to take a close look at and explain what and where the items came from.

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