This week in CNY Bands That Rock we shine the spotlight on Jessica and Jennifer Lawrence - Ophelia's Looking Glass

The Ophelia's Looking Glass band name comes from Hamlet and Alice in Wonderland. They include a lot of literary references and fantasy elements to there music. These identical twins are inspired by Broadway musical theatre like Les Miserables from Phantom of the Oprea, Solonga and Symphonic Metal with sopranoes mix voices.

After playing as a duo for many years, the girls have recently put together a full band adding a drummer and bass player. As full-time musicians, you can see them play at the Tramontane Cafe, 12 North, Mayfair Renaissance Festival, Stamps in Buffalo, Dreamland Art Gallery and many other locations.

We asked the ladies about their original tune 'In Between, ' and they describe it as being in between relationships or life.

Back and forth Carousel, Ferris Wheel everything going back and forth and in between, one thing and another. There is the known and the unknown and everything else is in between.

Ophelia's Looking Glass music is available for purchase at CD Baby, iTunes, and Amazon.

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