The song American Woman let 16-year-old Capitol District native Moriah Formica show the world her wide vocal range and stage presence on The Voice

The Knockout Round let Moriah shine. She owned the song, the stage, and the audience. The judges were all smiles as their jaws dropped with Moriah's skilled

Powerful. I felt every word she sang

presence and confidence. Cindy spoke with her dad Josh Formica, and he couldn't be more proud. He said the performance was "Powerful. I felt every word she sang." Cindy asked if Moriah knew how to sing and play the song 'American Woman' and he told her "She had to learn it. The song was chosen for both of them by Miley."

Here's what the judges had to say to say to Moriah.

"We haven't had anyone who's 16, and a rock n roll singer like you are. It makes you unbelievably cool, unique, different and right on sister."  Adam Levine

"...the notes you were hitting. The natural tone of your voice. You're a born Rock Star"...Blake Shelton

"You're a 35 to 40-year-old sole to own the stage like that, to know your craft as well as you do the notes you were hitting and the presents you had... How are you doing that?" ...Jennifer Hudson

Her coach Myley Cyrus say's she's nervous to be around Moriah because she's a rock goddess. "But you're just great as a singer without attaching your age or gender or anything to you." Miley then says the winner of the battle is Moriah.

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