Terry MoJo Johnson and The Swamp Drivers Band have captured the attention of Easy Rider Magazine with their Harley Davidson instruments.

Terry spent a few weeks and a few bucks on his new Harley Davidson creation, and she's a beauty. He splurged on a few new parts. Anyone who follows Terry on his guitar making quest knows he re-purposes just about everything he can. He likes the sound and looks of his new toy, especially with the double exhaust.

Easy Rider contacted the Swamp Drivers, and they will feature the band and their Harley Davidson instruments in the magazine over the summer. We'll keep you posted as we get more information!

Terry has made guitars out of plungers, a NASCAR steering wheel, a pitchfork, a broom, a bedpan an oar, and recently made it onto the Rachel Ray TV show with his "EVOO" guitar. You can see all these unique instruments played at a Swamp Drivers show.

Wait till you hear this new Harley guitar. It's sweet.

Last Christmas Terry started a guitar business called MoJo Johnson Guitars. He makes a guitar that absolutely anyone can play and sound like a pro. It's a cigar box guitar that's customizable. A new fret design makes it impossible for anyone to sound bad playing this guitar. The new setup has 9 frets and 3 strings.

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