Who remembers the band 805 from the late 70's into the 80's? We do. Welcome to 'On The Record With Cindy.'

Did you follow the band 805 around Central New York back in the day? They were on MTV, they were opening for Toto and Kansas, they were recording albums for R.C.A. their stage show included smokey pyrotechnics. They were the 80's rock scene.

805 was a progressive rock band started by Dave Porter in 1977 who was on guitar and vocals along with Ron Cunningham, Greg (Creamo) Liss on bass, Ed Vivenzio on keys, on the drums it was Frank Briggs replacing Jim Lucas in 1978.

805 enjoyed lots of radio play with Stand in Line all across the country, and 30 years later on 11-11-11, they were inducted into the SAMMYS Hall Of Fame.

Frank Briggs is a renown drummer with the top selling instructional book/DVD package called the “The Complete Modern Drum Set.” He lives in California, has 'The Drum School' and continue to tour, record, and is involved with many projects.

We believe Dave Porter, Ed Vivenzio and Greg (Creamo) Liss are still in the Syracuse area and would love to invite them into the Eagle Studio anytime!

Special thanks to John Keller from Off Center Records for being part of this exclusive feature on 96.1 The Eagle.

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