The week in 'On The Record With Cindy,' we talk about Clyde Stubblefield, the 'Funky Drummer' best known for playing with the James Brown Band has passed away from kidney failure at the age of 73. 

Clyde started playing the drums at a very young age and was part of the beginning of funk classics with the James Brown Band in 1965. “Cold Sweat,” “I Got the Feelin’,” “Mother Popcorn,” “Say It Loud – I’m Black and I’m Proud.” was a beginning of a new era in music. In the 1970’s his solo in “Funky Drummer” would go on to be the most sampled piece of music in all of hip-hop.

Ultimate Classic Rock says Stubblefield made headlines in the wake of Prince‘s death when Stubblefield had over $80,000.00 in medical bills due to bladder cancer, and Prince wrote a check to cover the costs.

Special thanks to John Keller from Off Center Records for being part of this exclusive feature on 96.1 The Eagle.

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