Dave Porter from the 805 Band does some reminiscing about Milo's and more in CNY Bands That Rock. The written portion of this blog only scratches the surface of our interview. 

Dave Porter was playing the drums at the age of 14 or 15 in the surfing band 'The Mustangs' Then he says "I decided I liked the guitar better and started plinking around on that." He says he taught himself to sing by listening to the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and trying to find a place to make your own identity.

Dave is involved in several projects including Beatle-Cuse with Paul Davie. He'll be performing with Hilton Valentine, the original guitar player of 'The Animals' at the Smith Opera House in Geneva October 7, 2017. He also plays solo gigs in the Syracuse area, the Capital District, Alexandra Bay and other summer clubs.  His shows are fully produced from scratch. He records all the parts of a cover tune while putting his unique spin on it.

Dave thinks the 805 video for Young Boys is hilarious and can't believe how the whole thing went down. The video was shot in an old empty warehouse, and the producers used everything in there including mannequins, the back seat of a car and they rented the nun costumes. Dave says "My favorite part is when I smash the base player it the face accidentally with the back of my guitar. They did seven takes of us performing the song, and for some reason, they decided to cut that particular piece into the video. It's great now to laugh about, but at the time it wasn't funny."

Dave tells us how disappointing it was to lose control over their music when the person who they wanted to produce their album was written out of the project.

[That was]  The first realization of how powerless as the act we were. As an unknown up to that point unsigned act, you have no say in anything.

They had hoped for a little more control over the 'Young Boys' video, who produced the album and more.   

Dave would love to play in the Utica music scene again. You can contact him via private message on Facebook. Watch both videos for the entire interview and a look at his original 805 tune.

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