Who remembers the seven piece band from Utica called SAIL that signed with United Artists Records and released the album Stepping Out On Saturday Night?

Welcome to ‘On The Record With Cindy.’ This week we reminisce about the band SAIL. They were a seven piece band and included:

    • Duane 'Spoon' Walker from Syracuse ~ Percussion and Lead Vocal
    • Maurice Putrello from Utica ~ Drums
    • Vinnie 'Vance' Esposito from Rome ~ Keyboards and Vocal
    • Sal Alberico Jr from Utica ~ Saxophone and Clarinet
    • Michelle Della Galla from Utica ~ Bass and Vocal

Long story short they came together via the manager of the Ramada, Ron Wakeel. He was looking for a house band and also had some connections in NYC that were also interested in the new group.

The original 5 members all knew each other and were recently 'free agents.' They started creating original music, and it was good. They were on the fast track now.

After writing 'Steppin Out on Saturday Night' and 'Chicago,' they had three weeks to finish writing songs for the album. As the song list grew so did the band. They added:

  • Pat Putrello from Utica ~ Trumpet and Flugel Horn
  • Paul Angerosat from Utica ~ Guitar

Financial problems had the band struggling six months in, but United Artists finally came through and bought the album. The contract required two albums a year for the next four years. Opal Studios reworked the tracks to everyone's liking, and now it's time to tour. The support of Utica's album sales was key to their success.

Did Utica not support 'Sail?' What happened? This is where the trail goes cold. If you have any info for us please let us know and we'll do a follow up story.

The Observer-Dispatch said the five original members were sailing on Oneida Lake at Sylvan Beach trying to come up with a name for the band, someone said "SAIL" and that's what they went with.

Special thanks to John Keller from Off Center Records for being part of this exclusive feature on 96.1 The Eagle.

Bonus Video:

[Information from John Keller and Observer-Dispatch]

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