Who remembers the Utica Club Natural Carbonation Band?

This week in On The Record with Cindy, she chats about the good old days back in 1968 when a record was given to those who went on a tour at Utica Club. The song titled  'The Utica Club Natural Carbonation Beer Drinking Song' followed a psychedelic vibe like hits from The Association and The Turtles.

The beer drinking song was written and produced by the great Sasha Burland, who in the 50's and 60's, was involved in 'everything music' from jazz to commercial jingles. The band that was contracted to record the song for RCA was out of Chicago and called themselves The Trolls. They had some success in their own right, as they released several records with ABC-Paramount.

The Utica Club Natural Carbonation Band Beer Drinking Song was very popular and owner of Off Center Records, John Keller, calls it the most iconic Utica record there is.

Watch the video that went with the 'Beer Drinking Song' and hear the B-side. We would love to hear the memories you have of this song, and what jukebox it was playing on.


Special thanks to John Keller from Off Center Records for being part of this exclusive feature on 96.1 The Eagle.

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