Did you know that before Mary Tyler Moore was a TV star she was a sexy cheesecake model? 

As the world mourns the death of Mary Tyler Moore we're discovering more and more about her interesting career and what she had to do to get there.

Mary Tylor More modeled as a sexy pin-up for easy listening record albums in the 1950's and 1960's. She's cute as a button for The Norman Leslie Orchestra, sitting on a bear skin rug sipping wine for Organ Favorites, shows a little leg for Latin Rhythms of Miguelito Valdés, and wait till you see her for Cha Cha Cha with Miguelito Valdés.

These album covers are for sale online, and we even found a lot of 6 on eBay. The owner of Off Center Records, John Keller, shows us the 'Million Sellers' album where Moore rocks gold lame. He says she started out as the mysterious yet glamorous telephone receptionist on the Richard Diamond, Private Detective TV show where only her legs ended up on screen. We asked him how much these album covers are selling for:

"Not very much, the only people buying these were the ones who liked cheesecake and fans of Mary Tyler Moore. The covers are selling for about $10 each and not in much demand because a lot of people don't realize they exist."

You might ask what is cheesecake? Well, it basically means a beautiful lady flaunting her sex appeal. It's a very dated term from the 50's. Remember when beefcake was used to describe a sexy man?

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