Welcome to 'Music Monday' a new feature on 96.1 The Eagle. We're shining the spotlight on a band from Oneonta. 

We welcomed The Thirds Band into the studio. Their lineup is Chris on vocals and guitar, JJ on vocals and bass, and Cody on drums. Chris and Cody knew each other from

Nirvana, but not so grungy it's probably Indie alternative rock.

Herkimer College and were playing in other bands. Ultimately both the bands broke up around the same time and Cody approached Chris about doing something in Oneonta. So this 'rebound band' is working well. 'We already knew what we were comfortable playing' says Cody. Chris pokes fun at JJ saying "I mean JJ, I got him on CraigsList."

They play gigs in the New York City area, Herkimer area and have a big show coming up at the Foothills in Oneonta, August 26th at 7 pm.

When asked what kind of music they play, The Thirds tell us  "Nirvana, but not so grungy it's probably Indie alternative rock." They play a lot of original music but don't shy away from the cover tunes.

You can find the Thirds on Spotify, I Tunes, Apple Music, Google Music. You can also follow them on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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