Do you know local musician Matt Grainger? Did you know he discovered music while participating in Catholic School Choir? You'll find out a lot more with CNY Band That Rock

Matt Grainger, who's from Ilion, picked up the guitar at 15 years old and got serious about it when he was 20. At this point, he figures he's been performing for about 25 made me appreciate what I do more than any other gig I've played in my life.

years. Matt plays guitar, the base, secretly messes around on the drums and also sings. He's involved in a couple of projects and performs out over 100 times per year.

Matt's solo acoustic show started in the late 90s and is very successful. He plays all over CNY from up North to local legions and lodges.

Matt tells us the best gig he ever performed so far was a benefit for a man with cancer. It was the most real gig I ever played in my life. "I've played thousands of people, but this was a couple of hundred surrounding a couple doing a slow dance to a song, to this day it makes me emotional, it made me appreciate what I do more than any other gig I've played in my life."

You would think most musicians would want to rock out but not Matt. He's into power ballads and goofed around saying he wanted a band called APB, All Power Ballads. Now, that's funny! Hmmm, now that I think about it....he wasn't joking, was he?

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