Jack Wiegand and I have similar pasts in aviation: our parents both introduced us to flying airplanes at the age of 13 and once we were bitten by that particular bug, it's been in our blood ever since... Jack, however is doing something that few pilots have ever done: fly around the world solo and if he does it, he'll be the youngest pilot to ever pull it off, at 20 years old setting a Guinness World Record in the process and he's not even old enough to drink! Watch Jack talk about his project:



At this writing, Jack is 10 days into his flight and has traversed our nation from West to East, gone through Canada, flown over Greenland, Iceland and lots of ocean (scary for a single engine aircraft)! He's currently minutes away from entering UK airspace and you can follow his live up-to-the-minute progress on a special map and don't forget to check out his blog as he writes about his trip. He's got another 40 days left and 21,000 miles to cover in his luxury Mooney Ovation (the Cadillac of personal airplanes) and we look forward to his safe arrival home and smashed record!

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