Flyover At Boilermaker
It was a sad moment when the Boilermaker announced that this year the annual post-race party would be without the popular flyover. That has been one of the signature features for the big event for countless years and when the military jets were not available, Executive Director for The Boilermaker T…
What If This Was Your Office?
If you fly Jetblue, then you know all about one of the coolest domestic planes to be shuttled to and fro in (as they fly nothing but these airplanes), but what's the view like from the front seat of an Airbus 320?
See A Crash Landing
Ever wonder what it's like to crash in an airplane when the engine loses power shortly after takeoff? Me neither, but that's exactly what happened to these two pilots, each of which had cameras rolling when that heart-thumping moment came.
Seaplanes On Land?
Just like when you take your boat out of the water before winter to avoid ice damage, seaplanes need the same treatment too.
Flying Over Griffiss
Besides music, there has always been another love in my life... Aviation! (I'm talking about hobbies, Baby ;)) I got bitten by the bug way back when I was in high school and we went on a field trip to the airport. I've always loved watching things fly in the sky and was fascinated by the a…
Water Bomber In Action [VIDEO]
Oh our truck's on fire? What do you mean it'll take firefighters forever to get here? Well let's call in the air support then! This accident happened out in the middle of the Canadian wilderness so emergency crews were too far out which meant that the resulting flames had to be put ou…
Aerobatics Flight [VIDEO]
A guy named Antony L in New Zealand decided to take his buddy 'Josh' (who looks mysteriously like Neville Longbottom of Harry Potter fame) up for some maneuvers. As far as we can tell, he didn't puke into his sick-sack

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