The Syracuse Airport is calling this "the coolest takeoff of the year," and it's not hard to see why.

Watch until the end of this video as an F-35 fighter jet takes off and almost immediately flies straight up into the sky. It's quite an amazing thing to witness, and we have the airport's operations officer Darren Gilcher to thank for capturing the take-off on video.

The F-35 Lightning II is a fifth-generation fighter jet that was developed, produced and supported by Lockheed Martin, which has a location on Electronics Parkway in Liverpool. The F-35 and its fellow fifth-generation fighter, the F-22, are both known for their stealth, which "prevent[s] the enemy from completing their kill chain," according to Major Thomas Hayes of the United States Air Force's 31st Test and Evaluation Squadron.

"It prevents them from being able to target me and shoot a missile at me as to where my experience in the F-16, my only way to prevent the enemy from completing the kill chain was to kinematically stay away from the enemy," Hayes said in a video from Lockheed Martin. "Now, I can get in closer and it prevents him from being able to targeting array to see me. Just purely from a pilot perspective, you kind of feel like Superman out there when you realize that the person that you're fighting has absolutely no idea where you're at. It's pretty neat. It's like being in a boxing match with somebody that you can't see."

Learn more about the F-35 and see other videos of the fighter jets in action on the F-35 website.

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