Last April, the Navy's Blue Angels and other military demonstration teams were grounded due to budget cuts, but thankfully their wings were only clipped for a year. They're back now and bringing their nearly seventy-year tradition to Syracuse as the city too resurrects the Hancock Airshow for the summer of 2016.



It's about time that we went to the airport for something other than to hop a plane out of town because by the time we see the Blues Angels in Central New York skies, it'll have been 14 years since there was an airshow in Syracuse and five years since there was one at Griffiss. Even more exciting news than this is that the Regional Airport Authority is planning this show to be the kick off for many more like old times, breathing new life into the aviation community and introducing a new generation to the thrill of flight.

There will be plenty of other acts and airplanes on display to see, so we'll be sure to report them here. Mark June 11th and 12th on your 2016 calendars and we'll see you at the airport!

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