What If This Was Your Office?
If you fly Jetblue, then you know all about one of the coolest domestic planes to be shuttled to and fro in (as they fly nothing but these airplanes), but what's the view like from the front seat of an Airbus 320?
They're Coming To Syracuse!
Last April, the Navy's Blue Angels and other military demonstration teams were grounded due to budget cuts, but thankfully their wings were only clipped for a year.
See A Crash Landing
Ever wonder what it's like to crash in an airplane when the engine loses power shortly after takeoff? Me neither, but that's exactly what happened to these two pilots, each of which had cameras rolling when that heart-thumping moment came.
See Explosion From The Air
Last night, an unmanned NASA Antares rocket that was on a resupply mission to the ISS self-destructed spectacularly shortly after takeoff. You've seen all of the closeup vids, but pilot Ed Sealing captured a unique view
Pilot Catches Robber
One pilot was on his way home from vacationing and normally flies over his house on his way to the airport, but this time he saw something he didn't expect!
Could You Land This?
You've seen the movies where both pilots of a jet become incapacitated and it falls to a hapless passenger to land a huge airliner (i/e: Airport 1975, Airplane, Executive Decision), trying to save the day.
RIP Doc Brewer
Hundreds and probably thousands of pilots from the CNY area have Doc Brewer to thank for passing them through their medical exams in order to keep flying, but sadly on Thursday night, Doc's own wings were folded.
Balloon Pilot Speaks!
Did you hear about that balloon that landed in someone's back yard on Oneida St? The owners weren't even home, but naturally a crowd drew anyway including myself and my family. I tracked down the pilot, Dwight Cramer of Airborne Adventures and got him in studio

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