10 years ago, I managed to accomplish one of the hardest tasks that you could ask anyone to accomplish.  I solved the Rubik’s Cube.  No, wait, not the cube, I quit smoking.  Yeah, that’s right, I said goodbye to the cancer sticks forever and I have to tell you, it actually was not as hard as I and most people claim it is.

It wasn’t smooth sailing, that’s for sure, but really it was just more keeping my mind occupied on other things.  I found that when I sat idle, that’s when I thought more about the habit and I wanted a cigarette even more.  Sitting and looking at television didn’t help, I had to occupy my mind.  I worked a lot of puzzle books, managed to keep myself busy at work, and did a lot of activities with my kids.

A few times I almost stumbled.  I found that there were certain things that I did that kind of triggered that need of the cigarette.  Things like morning coffee, long drives, after a big meal, and usually along with a few drinks.  I’m not saying I stopped doing these things altogether, believe me, that was the hardest part.

I’ve seen prices of cigarettes today and boy am I glad I quit when I did.  I believe they were around 4 dollar a pack back then and I was averaging a pack a day.  Add that up and you could very well come up with a monthly car payment, right?

I did it for three main reasons…my health, my family, and my wallet.  Today I’m certainly glad that chapter of my life is behind me.

You can get more information on quitting, it’s not as hard as you think.

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