Can E-Cigarettes Catch Fire? It Happened at St. Luke’s Hospital
There is no question that E-Cigarettes are a safer alternative to regular cigarettes, but can they still be dangerous? It's not a question of the actual liquids inside the device, but the device itself. There are some reports, not many, that claim these electronic cigarettes have caught fire or have blown up. One such case occurred on Tuesday night at St. Luke's Hospital in New Hartford.
Now Going to be Illegal
A new press announcement from the FDA is issuing a ban on four different brands of cigarettes. Store owners and retailers are going to have 30 days to get rid of their supply of these smokes.
Is E-Cigarette Secondhand Smoke Dangerous?
Have you ever wondered if E-Cigarette secondhand smoke is dangerous? There isn't too many studies out just yet to prove one way or another, but we did find this article this morning that indicates that e-cigarettes may be safer for the smoker, but not others around.
Marijuana Cigs Coming
It was only a matter of time before big tobacco got on this bandwagon, but now you'll have one more choice besides Marb reds or lights when you go to grab a pack at gas stations

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