Many American adults are overweight and want to figure out a way to lose weight with out dieting or exercising. Although this may seem impossible to many, there are plenty of diet pills on the market that make this possible. These diet pills help lose weight but are extremely unhealthy. But there is one pill out there that is completely natural that has no unhealthy side effects called “Green Coffee Bean Extract”, talked about by Dr Oz on "The Dr Oz Show".

The green coffee bean consists of only ingredients found in a coffee bean. The only difference between these and the ones you use to make coffee with in the morning is that they are not cleaned, dried, roasted, ground and brewed into a pot. Since the pill only consists of one natural ingredient used in many Americans daily routine, it is safe to use.

Coffees main use to Americans is its natural source of caffeine to help you feel more alert and awake in the morning or after a long day at the office. But many Americans do not know it has other beneficial effects. Researchers have also attributed the coffee bean to have effects on weight loss.

According to the Dr Oz Show, the green coffee bean extract:

“have been attributed to its other components including, photogenic acid, quinides, lignans and trigonelline, all of which to have been shown to improve glucose metabolism in animal studies”.

This means that the extract not only has weight loss effects but in part has effects on reducing the risk of glycemic disorders with long term usage  The only catch is that it does not have these affects consumed the traditional way, in the form of a cup of coffee.

The research was published this past January in Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome and Obesity journal showing that it slows the absorption of fat from food intake and activates the metabolism, therefore causing weight loss. The subjects in the study lost an average of 10% of their overall body weight and 4.4% of their overall body fat.

This is said to be a very safe and promising form of weight lose just by taking the pill. It is so promising that many companies have made their own form of the pill and tagged it as their own. These companies have labeled their product to be “pure” and are not. To be aware of the fakes, when buying you should make sure that the bottle has listed ingredients including GCA and Svetol, the substances found in the official study to have weight lose effects.

The dosage that is recommended is 400mg three times a day and should only be taken by adults over the age of 18.

(Article by Sarah Brooks)




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