Are Your Kids Eating Too Much Junk?
Hey kids, instead of those twinkies and ding dongs, how about some of these carrot sticks and apple slices?  They kids want the junk, you want them to be healthy.  This is what it is like in practically every household in America.  But does it have to be that way?  According to e…
A New Weight Loss Device Is Similar To A Dog Collar
Ok, weight watchers, has the miracle cure been electricity all along?  Well, there apparently there is a new product, recently approved by the FDA.  It works closely with the concept of a dog collar – You know, the thing that gives your dog a shock when he barks in an attempt to get …
Summer Foods – Too Fatty?
Ok, technically it’s still Spring, but it feels like summer and nothing says summer like barbecues, cold drinks, outdoor activities and of course…lots of chicken, hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs, potato salad, ice cream, and BEER!  So here is the bad news if you are trying to …
Top Christmas Diet Dishes
With Christmas and New Years fast approaching it is very to think about low calorie or diet diet. Lets face it I want some flavor. Mabe you are in that per cent age that just can not wait until after New Years to start dieting her are a few low cal foods that you might want to try.

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