Utica, Rome and Syracuse are getting a lot of national attention. Central New York was mentioned 4 times in one day for all different reasons.

1) Kaitlyn Conley of Sauquoit

Kaitlyn Conley of Sauquoit
Kaitlyn Conley of Sauquoit

While sinking into the couch with my 2 dogs and a cup of hot cocoa, I turned on Dr. Oz and caught his new segment called True Crime. They were featuring the death of Utica area chiropractor, Dr. Mary Yoder, 60, of Whitesboro.

Kaitlyn Conley of Sauquoit worked as a front desk receptionist at Chiropractic Family Care in Whitesboro. On June 14th, 2016, she was charged with allegedly killing Mary Yoder, one of the owners and her ex-boyfriend's mother. Conley allegedly gave Yoder a lethal dose of Colchicine.

WIBX reports her first trial ended in a hung jury in May of 2017. At the second trial, Judge Michael Dwyer told the jury they could consider a lesser charge of first-degree manslaughter, and  Conley was later convicted of the manslaughter charge. She was sentenced to 23 years in prison and is eligible for parole in 2037. There has since been another appeal in the case.

The Kaitlyn Conley murder case has been featured on many national TV shows, including but not limited to:

  • HLN’s “Forensic Files”
  • Forensic Files II
  • Crime Watch Daily
  • Dateline

Conley's family and friends and some Yoder family members have supported Conley's innocence and have a Free Kaitlyn Conley Facebook Page.

2) Baseball Hall Of Fame in Cooperstown

National Baseball Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

It was an empty class as no one was elected to the baseball hall of fame. WIBX,  as well as national news and media outlets around the world, reported:

"For just the ninth time in history, and the second time in the last eight years, none of the ex-players up for induction to the National Baseball Hall of Fame received the necessary votes to be enshrined in Cooperstown."

Derek Jeter and Larry Walker headlined last year's class, and due to COVID-19, inductions are scheduled for July 2021.

3) Former New Hartford Resident on Jeopardy


New Hartford native Stephen Newman living there from age 2 through his freshman year of high school. WKTV reports his grandfather owned Winn's Furniture in Clark Mills.

Newman put up a good game coming in second and winning $2000. He couldn't hold off Brian Chang, who won another $30,801, bringing his 6-day winning streak to $147,304.

4) CBS Crime Show

Gun pointed isolated on white bakcground
Boris Katsman/ThinkStock

Did anyone else watch the CBS show FBI? It was 3 episode 5, called “Clean Slate.”

“The team searches for a young girl who was kidnapped from a cabin during a family vacation; Maggie questions her relationship with Nestor when she learns he hasn’t been completely honest with her.” [Celeb Dirty Laundry]

Here's the thing, the crime happened in Upstate NY, they were camping in the Catskills, and I believe the main characters met at Syracuse college and then got married.

How often do you see Central New York on National TV? Do you get as surprised as I do?

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