Ok, let's be honest.  Have you done this prior to a first date.  Actually, if I think about it, the last time I was on a first date, the internet was still too new and people really weren't doing this quite yet.

If you are getting ready for a first date, chances are that your date already has the skinny on you...and you may very well have the lowdown on your date as well.

According to a new survey of men in the U.S. . . . but one we're pretty sure also applies to women . . . four out of five people admit they "pre-stalk" someone online before a date.


41% check someone's Facebook profile before the date.

8% check the person's other social media profiles, like Twitter and LinkedIn.

6% Google the other person.

And 21% do ALL OF THE ABOVE.

Amazing how far we have come and how much privacy we have lost over the years thanks to technology.

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