Some people just believe anything you tell them and some people are really good at giving out BS.  You've seen these guys.  Unless you're horribly gullible, you've probably developed a decent B.S. RADAR.  A new poll on asked people to name the phrases that IMMEDIATELY make them call B.S. on someone.  Here's the top seven . . .

1.  "Running late!  Be there in five minutes."  That really means . . . "I won't even be leaving the house for another five minutes."

2.  "I'm fine."  That really means . . . "I'm not fine."

3.  "I'm not trying to be rude."  That really means . . . "I'm about to say something incredibly rude."

4.  "Just kidding!"  That really means . . . "I'm mostly kidding, but there's some underlying truth about how I feel in there."

5.  "That was my last piece of gum."  That really means . . . "I have plenty of gum."

6.  "To be honest with you . . ."  That really means . . . "I haven't been honest in anything else I've said so far."

7.  "Clearly," "obviously," and "basically."  Those three really mean . . . "I don't have any real evidence to support what I'm saying."

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