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Bouncy Takes Kids For Ride!
Central New York and the rest of the nation are gearing up to send their graduates off to college. That means lots of parties and those parties could mean bouncy houses for the young party-goers. Maybe you thought bouncy houses were pretty safe, well not if combined with a monster wind
Don’t Touch That Dial…For Real!
You know, when you hear me say “Keep it right here”, that is just a simple request…you don’t have to really “keep it right here”.  But apparently in some areas, “Don’t touch that dial”, can be taken to heart and it could put your life in danger.
Do You “Pre-Stalk” Before A First Date?
Ok, let's be honest.  Have you done this prior to a first date.  Actually, if I think about it, the last time I was on a first date, the internet was still too new and people really weren't doing this quite yet.
Is Your Sleep Interrupted By Someone Snoring?
Results are in from a new study and it says that 84% of us have had our sleep interrupted by someone’s snoring. I have to say I am part of the percentage that has been interrupted, but I have also done some interrupting of my own.  Sorry honey...
Strange News – Bravest Mom Ever?
Hats off to Tess Guthrie, an Australian mom who found out just how brave she really is when she awoke to find a six-foot python wrapped around her 2 1/2-year-old daughter's arm.

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