You know, when you hear me say “Keep it right here”, that is just a simple request…you don’t have to really “keep it right here”.  But apparently in some areas, “Don’t touch that dial”, can be taken to heart and it could put your life in danger. 

40-year-old Josue Rodriguez of Lake Worth, Florida was taking a shower and listening to the radio.
His roommate entered and he did “Touch that dial”, so Mr. Rodriguez got out of the shower, proceeded to grab a machete that he had stashed under a table, and went after him with it.
Reports are unsure at this time whether or not Mr. Rodriguez bothered to grab a towel in the interim.
Josue swung the machete, but fortunately his roommate ducked  just in time.  Then he smashed the handle of the machete into his roommate's cheek.  Somehow, the roommate managed to get outside call 911.
Josue tried to tell the police he hadn’t  attacked his roommate for changing the radio station, and that, quote, "I only had the machete because I was going to sleep in the woods for the night."  The cops didn't buy that story, and he was arrested.
So next time we say “Keep it right here”, you might better do just that because you never know who you may be upsetting if you decide to change the station!

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