Here’s a new survey talking about email.  We all love email, right?  It is the 21st century, so we all should have grasped it by now….you would think.  Well, apparently, email is the method of work communication that makes people the angriest.  Believe it or not, two out of three employees say they’ve had an email accidentally make people angry or confused.

 Here are the six reasons people hate SENDING email:

 1.  People don't reply. I get this all the time.  You can’t claim you didn’t get it…there are tracking options available now.

 2.  People misinterpret the message.

 3.  Replies take too long.

 4.  Replies are too short or careless.

 5.  People argue or ask for more details in their reply.

 6.  People play "grammar police" and correct mistakes.

 And here are the eight reasons people hate GETTING email:

 1.  They get too many reply-all messages.  Is this annoying or what?  Just reply to sender

 2.  The messages are confusing or vague.

 3.  They get too MUCH email.  Set up your spam filter.  It doesn’t take that long.

 4.  The messages are too long.

 5.  They contain stuff that's not related to work.

 6.  People use bad grammar. One of my biggest pet peeves.

 7.  People are rude.

 8.  The messages have no personality.

Email is here to stay, I’m afraid.  Let’s all grasp it as our primary means of communication.  There are even some that will send an email to someone sitting five feet from them.  Crazy!

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