This season of Big Brother 2011 has been one of the most unexpected Big Brothers in history. Tonight, Jordan had to put up her nominations for eviction, and your Big Brother Guru Davey Jones has the full recap

Numbers for the veterans in Big Brother 2011 just continue to grow. The newbies all met after the vote and tried to determine who voted Keith out. Of course no one stepped forward. Adam confessed that He was offered a deal, but turned his back. This made the newbies very nervous of Adam, and his game play. We know from watching the live episode that Shelly, and Kalia turned and voted Keith out.

We get a glimpse of Jordan's HOH room tonight, and you get to realize how much of a sweet heart she truly is. She has pictures of her and Jeff with family, pictures of her growing up, and a letter from home. In the letter from home her brother wanted to inform her that a gas station and that a BBQ Restaurant have opened. She just continues to win my heart over, week after week, and now season after season.

Dominic realizes he needs to start making some deals with the veterans in order to stay. We saw him tonight act out a super hero battle with a Brendon, (Does your author sense booze? I'm just going to say that Big Brother stocks the house up with plennnttttyyyy of booze) and he does this in order to win him over. Dominic and Danielle have formed a good friendship, and Dominic seeks her for help. She is convinced she can get the Veterans to vote on her side.

Tonight, we witnessed Jordan dressed up like an Ant, yup that's right, a big ant. This was for the Haves and Have Nots competition. The Big Brother Backyard was turned into a huge picnic scene. We saw Sandwiches, Hot dogs, beans, and other picnic treats. What the House Guests had to do was collect 4 food crums, and set them in their ant hill. Each duo was strapped together and dressed like a big Ant. The duo that won would be allowed to select two duos to be Have Not's. Brendon and Rachel took the lead, followed by Dominic and Adam. It was neck to neck the whole time between this duo but in the end Brendon and Rachel won. Our Have Not's were Adam and Dominic, and Cassi and Shelly.

Kalia wasn't able to move, she was in a huge amount of pain. This continued and for the first time in Big Brother history, a medic had to enter the house. Once looked at Kalia's pain was more mental then anything.

Dominic tried once again to cut a deal with Jeff and Jordan. However, we find out Jeff and Jordan don't trust Dominic. Cassi also tries to cut a deal with the duo, leaving the duo curious on who they would put up for eviction. At the end we find out that Dominic and Adam are on the chopping block.

Just For Fun

It's America's Vote! Log on to CBS's Big Brother Page and voice your opinion for the next HOH challenge. By the way, Jelly Beans and Jerky won the vote from last week!

Dave's Thoughts

Adam, Horrible move by telling the newbies they tried to cut you a deal. Regardless of the fact you didn't vote with the veterans, the newbies have no more trust in you. I think it's starting to look brighter for Dominic because you flat out told Jeff and Jordan you turned on them. You never EVER tell the total truth in Big Brother. Still Rachel and Brendon are huge power players and the house needs to watch out.

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What are your thoughts? Who's going home: Adam or Dominic?