Our first week of Big Brother 2011 has been one of the most unexpected Big Brothers in history. Tonight, the first house guest for Big Brother 13 was eliminated, and your Big Brother Guru Dave Wheeler has the full recap.

Keith was very confident at the beginning of the night that “The Regulators” would have his back. All the Regulators wanted Porsche out of the game, even after Keith had his little melt down the other night. However, the Veterans wanted this vote to go the other way, they wanted to keep Porsche and vote out Keith. The Veterans needed more votes on their side, and they needed to get the house guests to like them. When in doubt break out the booze!

The Veterans played a series of drinking games with the newbies to build up more friendships. The others got sucked into this trap, but Dominic (the youngest guy in the house) sensed what they were doing. Jeff's objective was to talk to Adam and get him to vote the veterans way, while Brendon handled Shelly. Jeff brought up the fact that Adam loves Big Brother, and would do anything for them. Jeff's brilliant idea was for Adam to name the Veterans Alliance if he voted their way, and if and only if he voted that way.

Evel Dick left the house, but also tonight left a message to the house guests. He assured everyone that he is alright, that his girl friend is ok, and that his family is ok. Told the house guests it was an Emergency, “a personal issue he had to deal with immediately”. Dick informed them he is watching, and he wants to see some good game play this summer.

After Evel Dick's heartfelt message, voting took place. First up was Dominic. He voted the way he told Keith, he voted for Porsche. Brendon voted for Keith, along with the Veterans (Jeff, Jordan, and Danielle). The newbies all voted for Porsche, except for Shelly and Kalia. Shocking that they didn't go with their alliance.

The First person evicted from Big Brother 13 was Keith. Julie asked Keith what went wrong? Keith blames it on Porsche gaining up with the veterans. In the good bye videos, Cassi told Keith he played the dating game, and not Big Brother. Lawon called him a fool, Rachel told him they used the newbies against him, and Porsche told him “you can look but you cant touch”. So long Keith!


Let's talk HOH: Big Brother has been building this HOH challenge for about three days or so. The Backyard was off limits to the house guests, and talking about the “Production” was off limits in the house. What the competiton was, was just a big mini golf course. What they had to do was get the ball, close to the one as possible. Dominic went first and hit a 6, Adam followed with an 8. Cassi hit the water, and Shelly hit the water too. Lawon managed to do this cool little twirl with his club that sent him straight into the water. Kalia got a 6 and tied with Dominic. Jordan got a three, and Jeff and Brendon threw it like gentleman that they are and let Jordan win HOH.

Dave's Thought

I totally called Keith packing his bags! After his little outburst last night, I knew it was the end. Also how dumb are you to throw a competition in Big Brother, especially when you're on the chopping block? Seriously? What a waste! Also you picked Porsche for all the wrong reasons. This wasn't a high school Prom date, this was a partner you needed to keep you alive. Even though Porsche can be annoying, I think she's still a good player. Look at Rachel, she is really annoying, BUT very strong and smart. I think Porsche will go far, but not win.

I think it was very classy of Jeff to not even try for HOH, and Brendon ehhh good work too. By the way, I almost changed the show tonight when Brendon and Rachel had their fight about “Bookie”. That had to be the lamest thing I've ever seen in Big Brother history.

For my predictions on nominations, I'm thinking Jordan will put up Adam and Dominic. Adam betrayed the Vets, and I think that was a bad move. As long as the Vets have power, none of these newbies have a chance. Still, I feel Cassi and Shelly are the best in the house out of the newbies. They have been under the radar for the most part, and will be strong competitors.

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Who do you think she should put up?