Frank became the HoH again leaving Ashley and Wil wondering why they evicted Janelle. Well for the first time in this authors eyes, Frank appears to be a threat this season.


The Have-Not Competition

The Have-Not Competition returned this week and the house was split into two teams. The Green (Lime) Team was Boogie, Dan, Wil, Ian and Frank playing for Ashley because of her back issues. The Yellow (Lemon) Team was Britney, Shane, Joe, Danielle and Jenn. So here’s how it worked: Our houseguests dressed like lemons and limes and had to jump into a pool of juice to soak up the liquid to fill up jugs that will decide who the Have-Nots are. The Green Team ended up winning so our Have-Nots this week are Britney, Shane, Joe and Danielle.



Joe and Wil can’t seem to escape Boogie and Frank’s radar. Wil decided he would talk to Boogie and Frank and say he knew there was a big group of people in an alliance and he couldn’t exactly tell them who his target would be if he won HoH. At the nomination ceremony, Frank does put Joe and Wil on the block and it’s starting to look like the target has definitely shifted from Joe to Wil.


Dave’s Predictions

If you read our other Big Brother stories you know I have an extreme hatred towards Joe. But you know what; Joe is the only player that made any sense last week. He voted Frank, and decided keeping Janielle was a good move. It may cost him a ticket home, but I’ll give Joe some credit. As for Wil, why did he think talking to Boogie and Frank about a possible alliance was a good idea? It truly wasn’t. My prediction, unless he wins the Veto, Wil better start packing.