Even though Willie is gone, the show must go on. And so it did. Here’s our full Big Brother recap from last nights episode on CBS.

The Nomination Ceremony


Due to all the Willie drama, we didn’t get to see nominations on Sunday. So we opened our episode with Frank calling the house guests in from the yard to start the nomination ceremony. after all the keys have been claimed, the only two left without one are…. Shane and JoJo.



Shane was expecting to be put up the moment he found out that Willie had been removed from the house. Boogie tries to plan ahead when he tells Frank to get close to Shane and JoJo this week. Why? It all makes sense. One of them will survive the eviction and he doesn't want them coming after Frank.


Veto Competition


Later that day Frank invites everyone to the living room to announce he players for the Veto competition. Our players this week were Frank, Shane, JoJo, Ian, Ashley, Wil and Joe will be the host. While the coaches get to watch the game and sip margaritas, the competitors come into the yard dressed as giant tortilla chips. They are told they will have to sift through three giant bowls of dip to find the names of menu items. They must collect all the different menu items and match their menu layout to the master one at the other side of the yard. The player to do this in the fastest amount of time with the most correct answers wins the POV. After a messy competition the winner was….


Shane. That’s two Vetos in two weeks! Shane got so excited he dove into one of the bowls of dip and Britney jumped in after him.

Later that day Shane met with Boogie and Frank in the HOH room. He tells Frank and Boogie that he would like to work with them. Boogie tells Shane not to tell anyone about this meeting and Shane agrees not to. Meanwhile in the have-not room Danielle is talking to Dan who tells her that he can't help her at this point because he doesn't want to be the reason she gets evicted. She feels like she is being abandoned by her coach but sees an opportunity to talk to Shane when he walks into the room. Shane tells her he isn't sure what he is going to do when the voting comes up and whether or not he will vote in favor of JoJo. Danielle gets upset and heads to the game room where she begins to cry.


Veto Ceremony / New Nominations


Shane brings everyone inside for Veto meeting where he announces that he will use the POV on himself. Frank is forced to make a new nomination. He decides to nominate Danielle.


Dave's Prediction


I'm just so happy that all the Willie drama is done. Again, I thought it was such a stupid move to have him in the house anyways. Moving forward for tonight's episode, It could be anyone going home. So far I'm thinking it'll be Danielle. Now here's the question if she does go: What happens to Dan? Does he stay in the game or leave? This could be where Big Brother opens the game up to the judges. I'm still certain that will happen.