As Glenn Frey once sang, “The Heat Is On”, and boy he isn’t considering. The Big Brother season is winding down fast, but there is still plenty of time for drama.

New HoH Revealed

This HOH is a “make it, or break it” moment for Frank. He’s up against the entire house. The game involves moving a ball through a maze to the very top. Frank defeated everyone and completely kicked butt. Frank ends up winning HoH and also gets to pick one person for slop for the week. He picks Dan.

I truly have to give it up to Frank. I never saw him as a threat until now. He has proven himself worthy of winning Big Brother in my eyes.


Pandora’s Box Makes A Return

Along with Zing Bot earlier this season another Big Brother favorite has returned; Pandora’s Box. Pandora can unleash something good on the house, or bad. It’s just like the old Greek Myth. Frank decides to open the box in hopes of winning up to $10,000 in cash. He finds cubes with dollar signs on them and he can pick three. The first box contains $1.05, the second is worth $7.11, and finally the last box is worth $3,333.


How Did Pandora’s Box Effect The Houseguests?

While Frank was racking up the cash, the other houseguests finally got an answer on the cube in the claw machine. Pandora gave our houseguests the chance to find quarters to play for the Golden Ball of Veto in the claw machine. That means a second power of veto will be in use this week. The backyard started raining down balls and some of them had quarters inside. Dan acted like a total tool to everyone in the game. He tried grabbing as many quarters as possible by stealing them, jumping on them, and acting like a total jerk. At one point he shut the door in Brittany’s face. Ian ended up winning the Golden Power of Veto so take that Dan!


Nomination Ceremony

Hmmm I wonder who Frank will put up. Is it really a shocker? Should you be really surprised by this? While still decked out in Mike Boogie’s clothing Frank nominates Dan and Danielle.


Dan has a lot of kissing up to do in order to not make the whole house mad. His little performance in the Veto challenge defiantly put a sour taste in everyone’s mouth. From slamming doors, to diving on people, he proved himself worthy of being a tool. He’s a ruthless player and it’d be dumb for the houseguests to not want him out. I guess we will see coming up later this week.