With a fresh HoH comes a fresh week of nominations. Let’s talk Big Brother and get you all caught up to date.

Meet Brown Nose Joe



If you haven’t seen or heard about it yet, Joe is a cook. We get it, you can scramble an egg better than we can. Do you really think this is strength? I’d eat slop all summer in order to win Big Brother. I don’t think cooking or cleaning is a strength in that house, sorry. Joe did some serious brown nosing when he cooked new HoH Shane a breakfast for a king. Was it really necessary? No.

Coaches Competition- “Feel The Burn”


This week with our coaches’ competition the same prize is on the line. The winning coach can either trade a player or save one of their players. This competition had the coaches doing reps on some really ridiculous/inappropriate machines. Seriously, I was shocked CBS would show this, but it was hysterical nonetheless.

Britney was out in round one, but she has to choose a locker for a prize or punishment. She picked a Have-Not prize. She had to pick two player to be HNs for the week. Ian volunteered, and she gave the other spot to Joe. Try making slop delicious Joe, I dare you. Out next was Boogie. He picks a locker containing $10,000. He has to divide it three ways. He picks the $6,000, gives Ian $3,000 and Jen $1,000.

Janelle wins the final round, so Dan gets to pick his locker. He gets a sushi party where he gets to pick five others to enjoy the party. He picked the coaches, Shane and Danielle. He picked the coaches because he didn’t want any deals being made. But could this be a little date time for Shane and Danielle? Janelle chose to save Wil.



At the ceremony, Shane nominates Joe and Ashley. Shane wants Janelle, and her team, feel how it is to have two of her players against each other on the block.


Dave’s Prediction


Joe just needs to go. Other than playing cook, what has he done for the house? Answer nothing. I think Ashley is a decent player. Big Brother tried to make her look a little wacky with the “Dream Board”, but even through that, I think she’s a strong competitor. I guess we will have to see who wins the Power of Veto.