Did Dan just pull off one of the biggest or dumbest moves in Big Brother history?

Draw Something Big Brother Art Gallery Game


So it looks like Big Brother hopped on the 21st century by including Draw Something in a Veto Challenge. As HOH, Frank played along side the nominees Dan and Danielle. Ian was not eligible to play as the secondary Veto holder. The additional were Britney and Shane. As houseguest’s choice, Dan chooses Jenn to participate in the competition, and Frank picks Ian to host. Over three million Draw Something users around the world have submitted their drawings for the players to guess. Our Houseguests had ten works of art presented to them, each worth a different amount of points. The first player to buzz in and guess the word correctly will then have the opportunity to collect those points. But, in order to collect those points, the player must accept an associated punishment. If the player decides not to take the punishment, he or she will be eliminated from the game. But, if they accept the punishment and do not win the Power of Veto, they must still carry out the punishment they’ve accepted. Players are also not allowed to help other players throughout the game or else that player will be disqualified. Here’s how it played out…

Jenn walked away with her clothes burned and slop for the rest of the summer. Britney ended up shackled to Danielle and Dan got some time in solitary confinement. Frank ended up in a carrot suit, 24 hours of chum showers and benched in the next eligible HoH contest. So who ended up winning? Jenn


Dan’s Big Brother Funeral


Dan gathered the HGs for his Big Brother funeral. He went around the room saying nice things. It seemd everyone was crying, including him. When Dan got to Danielle he had nothing nice to say. He said that he picked her for his team thinking that she was going to be his next “Memphis”, but she has proven him wrong. Her jaw dropped along with all the others in the house.

Dan and Frank head upstairs so Dan can move on to Round 2 of his plan. Dan decides to tell Frank everything that has happened involving the Quack Pack. He sells out Ian and proposes a deal to Frank. He wants him to get Jenn to use the veto on him, put Britney up in his place, vote her out and go to the final two with Frank. Wow, what a plan right?


Did Jenn Use The Veto?


You sure bet she did! She saved Dan, and Frank put up Britney.


Dave’s Predictions


I love how Jenn feels like she is a powerful player in this game. She is the biggest floater ever in the Big Brother house. She is useless to the game. Honestly, she is useless. I’m thinking that Dan’s plan will work and soon we will see Britney walking out the door.


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