Last night’s Big Brother was a night filled with more drama, backstabbing, and a death of an alliance. No this isn’t General Hospital, its Big Brother!

The Break Up Of The Silent Six

Frank and Boogie were completely blindsided by Shane, who they thought would keep them safe as part of their Silent Six pact. Boogie and Frank first call out Shane. They let him no how unhappy they are with his decision and he starts to put the blame on Britney. So Shane like a genius he his lets Britney know that he painted a huge target on her by throwing her under the bus. to Boogie and Frank. So Britney has to play damage control. She goes to talk to Boogie and Frank to let them know that this was Shane’s HoH and his decision. She refuses to say who wanted to put them up as a target so Dan becomes the next target. Britney paints a nice target on Dan, and Boogie and Frank go on a full assault against Dan.


An Odd Silent Threat

I never thought I’d publically say this, or write this: Ian is a threat. Now in his mind he thinks he is a Big Brother God, I don’t think so. I think he’s a pretty good threat. He’s playing Boogie and Frank really good, and possibly I think he could turn on Britney and Frank. Do you think he has what it takes to win?


Veto Challenge

The Veto players are chosen and they’re Boogie, Frank, Ashley, Ian, Jenn, Shane, and Danielle hosting. The game is the Classic Big Brother “guess how much is in this big container”. If you like your answer you stay and if you don’t like your answer you fold.  Boogie is the first out of the game followed by Jenn. Jenn was possibly the worst at guessing the number of candy, hands down the worst ever. Then Ian is out. Shane is out next so that leaves Frank and Ashley. On the next round, Ashley folds, giving Frank the Power of Veto. Literally Ashley folded giving him the win. I don’t think she thought of what she was doing, but then again she doesn’t think!


New Nominations

So now that Frank has won the veto, Shane will have to replace him. Boogie rallies his troops of Jenn, Ian and possibly even Joe to work on Shane to put up Dan. It makes sense, take the newbies and turn them against Shane, Britney, and Dan. At the veto ceremony, Frank uses the PoV on himself and Shane is forced to put Jenn up in his place.


Dave’s Predictions

Wow, welcome to the Big Brother game Jenn. It looks like she finally realized this is a competition and not sit around all day game. If I was any of the houseguests I’d vote her out because “Floaters grab a life vest!” She’s literally done nothing in this game. I’m not on Team Boogie, but seriously, I’m so sick of seeing Jenn talk game play when she literally doesn’t have a game to speak off. I’m thinking they will vote out Boogie.