Yeah, you read that headline right and no, it's not a leftover from 1937! Amelia ROSE Earhart, a weather anchor for a TV station in Denver and distant relative of her namesake is going to embark on the same ill-fated flight that claimed her ancestor over 70 years ago. Her parents named her that on purpose and she has since followed in the original Amelia's footsteps although in different shoes as flying is a LOT safer now than it was back in Aviation's golden age.



Aviators used to reference the stars to navigate like Galileo did but with the advent of GPS and the fact that pilots are extremely safety conscious being trained for every eventuality possible, the chances of her making it around the world are GREAT! The pressurized Pilatus airplane she'll be flying is like night and day compared to the rickety Electra that the first Amelia flew and she'll also be flying with an extra pair of eyes and hands too. The more likely snags that could end her trip would have more to do with regulations like getting permission to pass through foreign airspace and the like. As a fellow pilot I wish her well and will definitely keep you updated on her trip once she sets out!


Pilot-less Commercial Airliners By 2015?

Maybe you're already gun-shy about flying already, well they're planning on instituting commercial airliners without their drivers by 2015... Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.

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