The “three-year glitch” has replaced the “seven-year itch” as the tipping point where couples start to take each other for granted, according to a new survey. Weight gain, stinginess, toe-nail clippings on the bathroom floor and snoring are a few of the passion killers that have led to a


swifter decline in relationships in the fast-paced 21st century, according to the study commissioned by Warner Brothers to promote the release of the comedy film “Hall Pass.” The survey of 2,000 British adults in steady relationships pinpointed the 36-month mark as the time when relationship stress levels peak and points to a new trend of “pink passes” and “solo” holidays away from partners and spouses that many Brits resort to in order to keep romance alive. The findings showed that 67% of all those surveyed said that small irritations which are seemingly harmless and often endearing during the first months of love often expand into major relationship hazards around three years into a marriage. Here are the top 10 everyday passion-killers, according to the survey:

1. Weight gain/lack of exercise (13%)6. Lack of romance (8%)
2. Money & spending (11%)7. Alcohol – drinking too much (7%)
3. Anti-social working hours (10%)8. Snoring (6%)
4. Hygiene issues (9%)9. Bad dressing (4%)
5. In-laws (9%)10. Bad bathroom habits (4%)

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